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About the ViViVerse

The Music Example

You can build a music system in various ways: As a highly integrated device, split into local components or with use of additional remote music resources.

Each of these ways has its advantages and disadvantages:

If you want your application to be flexible or communicate with other applications and yet aim for a short time to market, then the ViViVerse is the right choice for you.

Automation and Robotics with the ViViVerse

The ViViVerse provides an advanced mechanism for splitting your automation or robotics application into components and letting them interact through well defined interfaces in a flexible and secure way. By using this mechanism, you can:

All this can be done without changing a single line of program code, just by reconfiguring the computing nodes which run the ViViVerse.

Developing with the ViViVerse

The ViViVerse consists of the basic framework which facilitates and greatly speeds up the creation of components like sensors, actuators, algorithms and HMIs.

The framework provides essential services like configuration and component module handling or communication between distributed components.

For specific fields you can use existing packages like e.g. for advanced GPS access, remote support or fleet management, which are available on this web site.

Making Business with the ViViVerse

You can create component packages based on the ViViVerse and either distribute them directly or (in the future) via this web site to other users of the platform.