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Applications and Projects

The ViViVerse has been used for several applications in the past. Most of them and also some component packages can be purchased from the companies mentioned in the sections below.

3D Construction

The MOBA 3D-matic Earth and 3D-matic Road do control earth work and asphalt paving machines based on the measured position and orientation of the machine and a given 3D design.

The applications are based entirely on the ViViVerse. The software is written completely in C++ and uses various sensor and 3D algorithm packages as well as the remote support and fleet management packages. The HMI is implemented using Qt and can either be included in the control computer or run separately on a dedicated HMI computer. Both computers run Windows CE.

The Walo Dam Paving application controls a custom built asphalt paver which in a single workstep lays asphalt and adds gravel at both sides to build the watertight core of a dam. The system relieves the paver operator from keeping the very slow moving machine on track for hours and also controls the layer thickness based on a self-generated 3D design. The 3D-position is measured with a dual-antenna Leica GPS-receiver. Some important process values are broadcast to nearby mobile devices and can be displayed in a browser.

The system only needs a very plain HMI with little graphics chrome and can therefore be included in the control process without stealing valuable computation resources. The 3D computer runs Windows XP Embedded.

Road-Construction Quality & Documentation

The MOBA Compaction Assistant application is used on rollers and compactors. Using GPS, it keeps track of the number of times a roller has passed and compacted a section of a surface. The pass count data is broadcast to other rollers which work upon the same surface area.

The application uses a similar set of components as the 3D-matic, but combines the sensor handling and display on one computer. The computer runs Windows CE.

Waste Disposal

The MOBA MAWIS waste disposal platform provides fleet management and data collection services for waste trucks. Route information is sent to the trucks and waste collection data is sent back to the office.

This application only uses the ViViVerse for communication and support purposes between the office and the vehicles. The smaller version of the application uses a special microcontroller implementation of the ViViVerse, while the extended version embeds the ViViVerse in a .NET environment.